5 Apr 2015
Cape Town 2015
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HEAD SHOT: The Knysna Heads.

Final day of our holiday – we head back to Johannesburg early tomorrow morning.  Used the day to drive up the coast, passing through Wilderness and Sedgefield and stopping in at Knysna and Plett.

A quick Google search and a call to Nicky Troll (who knows everything) confirmed that we needed to go on a boat ride and take a look at Knysna’s Heads.  But, which trip to choose?

The FeatherBed Company offers a variety of options but we went with the Threelegs Rivercat – “a 75 minute cruise to and into the Knysna Heads.”  Basically, think Durban’s harbour – the mouth of the harbour, where the ships come in and out?  That’s what this cruise shows you – the alley ships use to get and out of Knysna’s harbour.


JUST CRUISING:  The Threelegs Rivercat – must do in Knysna

“Big Boy” was our tour guide – well informed and so entertaining.  From our boat he was able to point out Thesen’s Island (lovely, expensive homes), a seal and other beautiful bay side property.  The cruise takes you right between the Heads (weather permitting) and then back again.  You won’t get seasick on this cruise but phone ahead and book – these tours don’t run on the hour, every hour. Rather put your name down so you know you’re in!  But, they do need a minimum of 10 people for a trip to go ahead.


SMALL BREAK IN THE CLOUDS:  With a view of Thesen’s Island, Knysna

Take a jersey and woolly hat with you – the weather was a bit wonky today and it did get very cold on the water.

From Knysna, we drove to Plettenberg Bay.  I’ve heard so much about this seaside town, frequented by the rich and famous but we were starving so acting on a suggestion via Twitter, we pulled into The Lookout Deck Restaurant, right on the beach.

They were very busy.  Waitresses were zipping around, glassware falling over.  It took a while before somebody took our order and more than 40 minutes later we received our food – that, after speaking to the manager on duty. The food wasn’t worth the wait. Sadly so because it wasn’t cheap.

We ordered a combo platter of fish, calamari and the Spanish prawns. Calamari was oil-soaked, the fish completely forgettable and the prawns … let’s just say these guys should taste Beira Alta’s prawns to give them an idea of what grilled prawns are supposed to taste like.  I was really disappointed. Maybe they were having a bad day.


LOOK OUT DECK MENU: Did not deliver on its promise.

Then, when we got the bill, I nearly fell over when we were charged for drinks we didn’t drink and, at this restaurant; they charge you extra for peri-peri, even if you ordered prawns! Yoh bru! If this was Jhb, that story would have changed in two minutes.

Apologies for not taking a pic of the food … we were about to eat the serviettes during that long wait so me wanting to take pictures of the food could have meant an attack.


VIEW FROM THE DECK: Plett beach at 1pm today.

Back in George now.  The packing has begun. Well … I suggested it, a few lacklustre efforts were made and everybody is now watching a movie. The weather is dull, the rain is coming down.  We are aiming to leave at 6am for the long drive back.

The kids insist we have something “simple” for supper.  Like what?


They say they don’t want to eat fancy food tonight.

Can you believe it?

This is my first blogging experience.  

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