4 Apr 2015
Cape Town 2015
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CANGO GROTTO: Enjoyable hour on the Heritage Tour

Woke up to a misty George.  Dog tired. Sore throat.  Thanks to S for passing on his germs – he had been sniffling since we left Johannesburg last Saturday.

But, plans have been made, we’re off to Cango Caves, 1.5 hours away.

There are two tours: Heritage Tour (1 hour, slow walking, taking in the caves) and the Adventure Tour (not recommended if you are pregnant, suffer from claustrophobia, high blood pressure, asthma, any muscular ailments or under the age of six).

I don’t have any of those issues, but the warnings were enough to put me off. The Heritage Tour is sedate but there were far too many people on our leg of the trip – around 100 – understandable, I suppose what with it being a public holiday.

A strong suggestion though – if you are planning on visiting during peak season, rather pay attention to their website and book your tickets in advance. When we got there today at 10am, the 11am tour was full, leaving us with the 12noon option.  But, when you’re on holiday, you don’t want to waste a single second, so I asked to be put on a waiting list for the 11am tour, just in case there were any last minute cancellations …. which there were! Luckily for us. But, rather avoid all this drama and book in advance.

However, if you do have time to kill, you could occupy yourself in the curio shop, restaurant and a walk-through of the history of the formation of caves.

The tour itself is very well worth your while. R80 per adult and R45 per child – another giveaway.  Our guide took us through six chambers detailing most of the formations. Goes without saying, but use flat shoes and take a jersey along as the temperature inside the cave was about 20ºC. Our tour lasted about 1.5 hours.


LIKE ORGAN PIPES: Formations at Cango Caves.

Just a few hundred meters away from the Cango Caves, is Wilgewandel Holiday Farm – food was basic but really good.  P ordered an ostrich burger and the kids ate chicken wings and chicken mayo tremazzini. Apart from the food, there are plenty activities for the kids.  Our two opted for quadbuggies and the trampoline.


KIDS STUFF: Lots to do at Wilgewandel Holiday Farm just outside Cango Caves.

On our way back we passed through Oudtshoorn, which today was celebrating the start of the Klein Karoo National Arts Festival.  No time to stop though – the plan was to make dinner arrangements in George and get in a short nap.  Before I tell you more about the failed plans for the evening, I have to share this picture of the Outeniqua Mountain Pass, which brings you into George from the Oudtshoorn side…


THE HILLS ARE ALIVE: The picturesque Outeniqua Mountain range near George.

When we got back to George, the temperature had dropped considerably so we voted for Mum’s Steak back home.  It’s not just any steak, let me tell you – rare with lemon, garlic and curry leaves, coupled with baked potato, butter and fresh cheese sauce.  So, off we went to Woolies for supplies.

Tomorrow, we hit Wilderness and Knysna … we leave back for Johannesburg early Sunday morning.  Hard to believe that it’s nearly over.

This is my first blogging experience.

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