28 Mar 2015
Cape Town 2015
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We leave at 3am tomorrow (Saturday) for Cape Town.

By car.

It’s now 3pm Friday afternoon and I’m at Durban International Airport, 600kms away. My flight back to Jhb has been delayed.

When (if!) I land at Lanseria, I’ve got to get to a voice-over for a story that’s going to air on Sunday. Then, there’s still the last-minute packing.  P is sorting out the road food – we’re Indian, we don’t want to be wasting time, waiting around at the Wimpy for a toasted cheese!  We’re happy to stop for leg stretches and loo breaks though. Besides, my road food is far better than a toasted cheese!

We have to be in bed by 8pm.  Impossible.

I’m feeling very overwhelmed.

In the past 11 days I’ve been to five cities – Bethlehem, Bloemfontein, Kimberley, Cape Town and now Durban.  There’s nothing sexy about this travelling.  People think it’s glamorous – what’s so dazzling about sitting on the dirty carpet outside Gate A12?

I’m whacked.  The thought of this road trip is sending me into near panic.  Plus the website goes live tomorrow and the blogging starts. I think I may have taken on too much.

I just want everybody to have a good time.  I don’t want to forget anything – the planning has been going on for months. Maybe I should switch off once the final packing is done?  Ya?



I’m going to get into holiday mood.  Promise ….. as soon as I’ve sent the kids a message asking them to please also look for the car charger for my cellphone ……oh, and the eczema cream which I know, for sure somebody will desperately need by Monday!

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Devi Govender

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